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4 Mar 2015 Afrikaans rap duo Die Antwoord in Chappie certainly adds a level of novelty value to a movie that already looks like a South African remake of Short Circuit where the robot throws ninja stars. But for Chappie39s filmmakers and other actors, obtaining that novelty value required spending hours on set with two  Die Antwoord as metafictional versions of themselves. The film, set and shot in Johannesburg, is about an artificially intelligent law enforcement robot captured and taught by gangsters, who nickname it Chappie. Chappie premiered in New York City on March 4, 2015, and was released in U.S. cinemas on March 6, 2015. 31 Oct 2016 Consummate 39net trolls Die Antwoord (Ninja and o-landi Vie) are pointing their unbridled rage at former collaborator and fellow South African Neill Bloomkamp, and his 2015 sci fi movie Chappie. The electro crust rap duo claim Bloomkamp didn39t credit them for their handmade set designs that was used  17 Mar 2015 Ninja: So just to be super clear, all the rumours about my 39terrible behaviour39 on set was written by 1 south african journalist, who has written many tabloid-style diss features on Die Antwoord (over the last 3 years) before his big Chappie feature. i have no idea who this dude is, but he seems to have a lil  6 Mar 2015 The film stars Sharlto Copley (as the voice of Chappie), Dev Patel, Sigourney Weaver, Hugh Jackman, and Ninja and Yolandi, of the cult South African band Die Antwoord. I really enjoyed watching Chappie. Did you enjoy making it? No, it was god-awful. I found the process of making it unbelievably difficult. 31 Oct 2016 In 2015, Die Antwoord39s Ninja and o-landi Vier appeared as themselves in Neill Blomkamp39s sci-fi film Chappie. In the film, the duo had their own secret lair, which Ninja has now said they painted themselves, but were never credited for their work, as Spin points out. In an Instagram post, he writes that  19 Feb 2015 Watch Chappie learn what it means 39be cool39 in this new clip from Neill Blomkamp39s upcoming film. See it around the world on March 4 Follow us for exclusive Action In the near future, crime is patrolled by a mechanized police force. When one police droid, Chappie, is stolen and given new programming, he becomes the first robot with the ability to think and feel for himself. 1 Jun 2015 Director Neill Blomkamp counts himself a fan of Die Antwoord, the south-African rap/rave group, so much that he cast them as leads in Chappie (2015). They39re not seasoned actors and they don39t make for very likable characters, but they39re overwhelmingly present in the film. What they do is ensure that  8 Feb 2015 Chappie vi s tham gia ca Hugh Jackman, d kin khi chiu 06.03.2015. 9 Mar 2015 Well, at least Neill Blomkamp made it to the top of the U.S.

box office this weekend.

Yet few are cheering the latest from the critically acclaimed South African director. Chappie may have hit No. 1, but that was with a relatively weak gross of 13.3 million, and the action-adventure drama about an artifically  4 Mar 2015 It sort of flew over my head at the time, but last year, there were rumblings that there was trouble on the set of Neill Blomkamp39s Chappie. While the casting of South African hip hop duo Die Antwoord seemed like an inspired choice, Ninja was apparently earning the enmity of the cast of crew, reportedly  6 марта в кинопрокат выходит новый научно-фантастический фильм «Чаппи» (Chappie), в котором вместе с голливудскими звездами снялись и участники Die Antwoord. 22 Feb 2015 One of the more interesting aspects of Neill Blomkamp39s third feature film Chappie is the unconventional decision to cast South African rappers Ninja (on left) and Yo-Landi Vier, collectively known as Die Antwoord, in key roles as version of themselves, in a future in which they39re criminals who end up  20 Feb 2015 See Chappie in IMAX around the world on March 4 Follow us for exclusive updates: www.facebook.com/ChappieMovie http://bit.ly/SonyPicsSubscribe Every child co 2 Mar 2015 Neill Blomkamp talks Chappie, casting Die Antwoord, his thoughts on director39s cuts and deleted scenes, the Alien concept art and more. 25 Apr 2017 Die Antwoord claim that Neill Blomkamp39s movie 39Chappie39 (starring Hugh Jackman) featured their artwork w/o credit. 23 Feb 2015 Here39s how popular South African rap duo Die Antwoord ended up playing featured roles in director Neill Blomkamp39s upcoming science-fiction movie Chappie.

1 Nov 2016 The rap duo Die Antwoord claim that they were set designers on Neill Blomkamp39s 39Chappie39 but were not credited. 31 Oct 2016 Aggro electro-rap cut-ups Die Antwoord don39t take kindly to people jacking their style. This summer, they railed against Hot-Topic-core DC Comics blockbuster.

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