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Michael Whiddett, (born 1981) also known as "Mad Mike", is a New Zealand drifting racer. He is sponsored by Red Bull. Mike raced motocross from the age of six and placed 2nd at the New Zealand 1997 Pro junior 85cc motocross champs. Contents. [hide]. 1 Car history 2 Racing history. 2.1 2016 - Formula Drift 2.2 2016  11 Oct 2016 Champion drifter, 39Mad39 Mike Whiddett, pushed his Mazda RX8 to the limit in an epic video filmed in South Africa. Watch 39Conquer The Cape39. Drift 39King39 Mad Mike conquers, Crown Range, the highest road in New Zealand. This epic video is already being named as one of the best drift videos of 2013. 19 Jun 2017 Mad Mike takes his twin turbo, quad rotor "HUMBUL" to compete at Formula Drift Ebisu, Japan and takes home the win. New Zealand-based international drift driver 39Mad Mike39 Whiddett pushes his bespoke 4-rotor rotary engine car to new limits in the majestic Crown Range. With the route closed to traffic, Whiddett has an open road to tackle all 47 epic corners. 14 Jun 2017 We all like to celebrate our successes in our own werid and wonderful ways and Mad Mike Whiddett is no exception after finding phenomenal growth on Facebook he celebrated by strapping into his rotary drift car and shredding his tyres whilst writing a 200 foot 2 million burnout on the smooth tarmac. 4 May 2013 Check out more moto action here http://win.

gs/MqRtU7 Watch the Behind the Scenes Clip: For more motorsports check out http://win. HAMPTON DOWNS MAZDA PRESENT MAD MIKE39S SUMMER BASH. Hampton Downs, Mazda and New Zealand drift superstar 39Mad Mike39 Whiddett have joined forces to bring you the biggest drift event of 2017 Mad Mike39s Summer Bash, where Mad Mike RADBUL will take on NZ39s best! A 16 strong field of NZ39s best  18 Feb 2017 Mad Mike Whiddett has returned home and is on a mission to showcase drifting in New Zealand. Mad Mike in partnership with Hampton Downs welcome you to come test and advance your drifting skills in a fun, non competitive environment. We will provide regular track dates on the latest club circuit extension and the only opportunity to drift the course in reverse configuration at Mad Mike Drift FORCE. Mad Mike  10 Oct 2016 Franschhoek Pass is the twisty mountain road that takes tourists away from Cape Town. Built in 1822, it39s believed to be South Africa39s first engineered road. For drifter Mad Mike Whiddett, that makes it the perfect place to get mind-blowingly sideways in a ludicrously boosted Mazda RX-8. 21 Jun 2017 We lift Mad Mike39s visor and take a good look at the man who39s one of the few to have revved up a world-class, pro drifting career. 23 Dec 2015 Watch Mad Mikes 360 POV of his run: Smoke, speed and precision driving just another day in the office for Mad Mike. At the hig 10 Oct 2016 CLICK for sick photos and the full story: http://win.

gs/ConquertheCape 39Mad Mike39 Whiddett has drifted a car up a mountain in his native New Zealand and po Mad Mike drifting Crown Range in New Zealand. Red Bull | Crank and Piston Car Culture Lifestyle Community. 3 Jul 2017 Lord March39s driveway is tricky enough driven straight just ask Pat Doran let alone at a steady and consistent 45-degree angle. But New Zealander Mad Mike Whiddett, known for his love of smokey drifting and rotary-engined Mazdas, does not know how to drive in a straight line. You39ve seen him scare  19 Jun 2017 We check in on one of our favorite Formula Drift drivers, "Mad" Mike Whiddett, and his overseas rotary beast, HUMBUL. Mike Whiddett. Mad Mike has always had a passion for all things extreme and fast, right from his first 3wheeled trike as a toddler he was never content with riding on the flat his mother Sue says he had to race down steep hills and over ramps!! Mike raced motocross from the age of 6 and preadolescence competed in BMX. Mad Mike Whiddett, Auckland, New Zealand. 2047248 likes 4496 talking about this. Mad Mike Whiddett Professional Drift Driver. Mike Whiddett.

New Zealand"Forever pushing the extremes of myself, machines and the sport of drifting"Drifting. Born. 9 January 1981. New Zealand. Career start. 2008. Discipline. Drifting. 39Mad39 Mike Whiddett lives for the thrill and adrenaline of drifting. As a result, he39s always pushing both himself and his cars to the limits.

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